Jan 01

Roberta M: New Year & Commitments

So first things first, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope that 2016 brings you everything you hope for, but above all, love and happiness. So you’re all probably wondering why I haven’t been around over the last year or so and how I’m online one minute and then not seen again for months on end. Well, its truth time, so here goes! I absolutely love what I do, I am an exhibitionist and love showing my body and all my extremities to all who want to see and watch. But this is not my only job, I have a lot commitments outside of being an exhibitionist and it takes up a lot of my time. I find it hard to juggle my time to allow me to get online. My working hours are just all over the place, one day, I could be working as early as 6am and the next I could be working as late as 10pm. When you have been working for 10 hours, the last time you want to do, is jump online and jerk off. But it’s not just the commitment issue that’s the problem. I share a house with 5 other people, who don’t know what I do online and it’s something i don’t want them to ever find out. I have no way of locking my self way in a room and go online without being disturbed, and no way of sound proofing my room, which is the reason why I don’t use a mic when I’m online. I just can’t risk them hearing me talk dirty and moan and groan to you lovely lot. Well, I will try and to be online as much as I can, well until march anyway. Due to a massive move to the other side of the world in march, and slumming it on friends couches for a bit, I’m just not going to be able to get online to begin with, I hope that once I have some sort of set up, i’ll be back.So until then, I will see you lot online for a lot of fun.peACE

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