Sep 05

Milo Prince: 5 Songs to Which My Heart Beats (in 5 Languages)

1) “Vivo Sonhando” by Getz & Gilberto. The Getz/Gilberto album is undoubtedly my all time favorite. I get sick of music but after hundreds of times listening to this album, I’m still in love. The other songs from the album that always get stuck in my head (and heart…and hips) are “The Girl from Ipanema,” “Doralice,” and “So Danço Samba.” I love the sound of sung Portuguese and the instruments that go into bossa nova music. I wish more music like what is on this album existed but I have never found another bossa nova song that can match any of the songs on this album and unfortunately Italian and Spanish haven’t produced a bossa nova equivalent. So as it stands, this album is timeless and one of a kind. This album brings up memories of when I was living on a Hawaiian beach in a tent hammock with my boyfriend at the time, gliding around cozy flats around the world in underwear and a loose hoodie with a glass of cab in hand and a sway in my step, and the times when unrequited love has been somehow beautiful, not just sad (which is what the album’s songs are largely about). 2) “Open” by Rhye. Rhye’s music also fails to tire me. It is so intimate. So open. So soft. A violin always vibrates into my heart chambers and Rhye’s voice does too.This song in particular is so vulnerable, so entranced. It always reminds me of that special place of being so close to someone, of knowing how to speak from one heart to another, when it is clear that nothing else but love really matters. And in the lyrics it is a perfect reminder to stay open, to let the heart lead the way.3) “Pays Imaginaire” by Polo & Pan.This song makes me feel like I’m riding the waves of some whimsical adventure and then I remember that I am! Their other song “Plage isolee” has a similar vibe. There is so much incredible French music and probably I will reconsider this spot with other French songs again and again, but this song is what has been in my head lately. Other French songs that I really love are “Ondulation” by Burning Peacocks and everything by Vendredi sur Mer and Pardis. …I might need to write another post just on French music!4) “Lluvia” by Mateo Kingman. What makes this song so cool is that it really immerses you into a jungle, but with this cool, sexy Spanish voice. It makes me feel alive and natural…and swooning for a Latin guy who knows his way around the mountains. I think back to writing from the hammock in Mexico while the rain poured outside and trekking around the jungles in Columbia, Nepal, and Patagonia.5) “Two Thousand and Seventeen” by Four Tet.So this isn’t really a different language. It’s just sans language, which is what I listen to about half the time to keep my mind clear. What makes me love this song in particular is the Asian harp thing. It fits my loungey background music taste but then it has this oriental twist that makes me feel like I am feeling the wind blow past my cheek in some park in Tokyo or Kyoto. Instant calm. Fakear and Bonobo are my favorites in non-lyrical music (yes, I know many of their songs do have lyrics). I love that a lot of their music is Asian inspired but they are skillful in peppering those influences in quite subtly.All of these songs have amazing Spotify and Pandora stations and that’s usually what I’m listening to. Alright boys. Now you know the sounds that my heart strings play. Feel free to tell me some of your faves

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Sep 05

Kevin Lovve: Wet Dreams

At night I lay down in my bed immediately I took a deep sleep where I was overwhelmed by a very intense dream, where I was with two boys in a forest camping all of a sudden we all got undressed and we started grabbing the penises of the boys I joined them and I penetrated with the two penises was so rich to fulfill a fantasy but suddenly I woke up from that dream and was wet that bad was not to follow the dream because I was delighted that it was truethank you guys see you in the room I hope to fulfill the dream

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