Alejo Thebrian: My Diary Live

I love dancing, painting, animals, dating my friends, I love male and female underwear, exotic sex toys, I would love to travel the world.In my morning I’m on show online for you, I love to give the best spectacle of me, and fulfill those fantasies that you have never done, ends my morning at about 1 pm, I come home, take a shower, live with my mother, lunch I love to eat and more breast food , of course I sleep my nap too I love to sleep, I love everything! Haha. When I woke up from my nap, I go and take my dog called Tyson to the park, I smoke a cigarette, then I head to the gym Master train! I arrive at my house type 8 pm, supper,I shower to sleep very cool, I see a movie before sleeping, I manage my social networks, and I chat with my users in private, type 10pm I am finally finishing my day, to start another one the next day!Be web cam model, is crazy, my users sometimes put me do crazy things, make me pee, wax candle, dress Marrano, a dog, put any type of object for the anus, things I never did in my life lol

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